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Launch Systems Program

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About this Program

Launch Systems is a methodical step-by-step system designed to find your true purpose in life, your Highest and Best Self. This process is accomplished by discovering what’s most important to you in life and then developing a specific plan to accomplish your dreams. We will take you to the farthest reaches of your universe to find the answer to why you are here, what life you are meant to live, culminating in understanding the very essence of who you are.  

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Program Structure

2 Modules

Stage I - The Dream

Have you always had that sense of Knowing, a whisper calling out to you from afar? For those of you that know their destiny is waiting and for those seeking their calling, Stage 1 will uncover your Divine Purpose, develop Your Master Vision for your life, and unlock your Legacy. 

Module 1 - Your Purpose 10 Boosters

Vision for the Future

We will start by opening up your heart and mind in an effort to clear the pathway to your inner soul. This is where we will find YOU, and the life you were meant to lead. 


I believe that by not locking myself down in any one belief, by keeping myself open to all possibilities, that this approach will give me the highest probability of finding “it”, whatever “it” may be™. Join me on this journey of discovery. 


Love can take many forms, but at its’ truest intent it is through love that you will find yourself. Open your heart and the spirit of who you are to another and receive them for exactly who they are, in all their glory, this is where the magic happens.  


This is our inner circle, the core group of people in our lives with whom we exchange and experience the tremendous emotions of life. Curate your family environment, consciously. Determine how you will support them, learn how to give beyond measure, and then give your love to this group, to your family.


Your life lives on a bedrock foundation and health is one of its major pillars of strength. Health provides the platform for the achievement of all our dreams. Our focus in this area must become paramount.

Personal Development

Expand your mind and inner thought process to accelerate your life in a new direction. You are either growing or atrophying, moving forward or backward, raising your vibrational frequency or lowering it. There is no plateau.

Career and Purpose

What is it that we are truly here for? What is our path? Find the answer to these questions and you will find the joy of life, and in the process come home to find yourself once again.

Giving Back

Once you understand what it means to serve others, to love another before thyself, then you will have arrived at the ultimate pinnacle of life, true love.

Rewards, Prizes, and Gifts

It is in the moment of arrival at the mountaintop, looking out over the vista of your achievement, reflecting upon the winding path of your travels, this is where we can take in a beautiful breath to savior the moment.

Module 2 3 Boosters

Your Divine Purpose

Finding your true calling in life, acknowledging who you are meant to be and living up to your higher self, this is Your Divine Purpose.

Your Master Vision

Looking out over the horizon, seeing life from high above and determining the landscape in front of you, how you want your life to be, this is bringing clarity to your life.

Your Legacy

Your greatest Legacy is in finding your Divine Purpose and creating a Master Vision for your life, thereby allowing yourself to touch others as you were meant to connect with them. This is your Legacy.

8 Modules

Stage II - The Master Plan

Now the fun begins, building Your Master Plan to support your dreams in life. Launch Systems is unique because it provides a system, a step-by-step flight plan, with coordinates to your final destination. Build your plan and lift off to the stratosphere of your dreams.

Spirituality 4 Boosters

Spirituality - Year One Life Changers

This life category is one of the four corner stones to an enriched life. Spirituality, Love, Family, and Health form the bedrock that will support the achievement of your life’s dreams. Spirituality provides insight, intuition, and a greater sense of oneself and the universe that surrounds you.

Love 4 Boosters

Love - Year One Life Changers

Decide what Love means to you and determine the trajectory coordinates required for its fulfillment. Set course to experience a piece of yourself only found in the warm embrace of another’s heart.

Family 4 Boosters

Family - Year One Life Changers

When we think of the sum of the parts that make up who we are we need to look deeply at our Family. The closest people in our lives had a hand in defining who we are. Look closely to determine what parts serve you and what areas need to change. Change a few parts and you change the sum of who you are.

Health 4 Boosters

Health - Year One Life Changers

Committing to a healthy lifestyle dramatically increases the probability that we will achieve our dreams. The amount of energy we have each day provides the basis, and the likely hood, that we will take the appropriate action in concert with our vision for our life.

Personal Development 4 Boosters

Personal Development - Year One Life Changers

Life is not static, it is ever-evolving. Continuous and never-ending improvement is the goal you seek. Expand your mind and soul and push forward to a new frontier.

Career and Purpose 4 Boosters

Career and Purpose - Year One Life Changers

Find your Purpose and find Your Life. Energy flows naturally and rhythmically from your purpose. Once found, you lose yourself to another dimension where time and space are non-existent. You are one with yourself.

Giving Back 4 Boosters

Giving Back - Year One Life Changers

By giving of yourself at the deepest levels of your being you will experience life at its truest intent. Learning how to give freely will teach you more about yourself than almost any other experience. Giving in this way will expand your consciousness and elevate you to another dimension.

Rewards, Prizes, and Gifts 4 Boosters

Rewards - Year One Life Changers

Our journey will take us to the unknown and back again, an ever-revolving process requiring us to overcome challenges along the way. Enjoy every aspect of your flight, from lift off to your final destination. Once you arrive it is time to step back for a moment to relish the achievement and see how far you have come. Then it’s off again to the unknown.

3 Boosters

Stage III - Emotional Rocket Fuel

Emotions are the driving force of our life. We will teach you how to synthesize your emotions to their highest point for each of your life categories by using Archetypes, Quotes, and Visuals (pictures and symbols). Our thoughts and emotions will be directed through this medium connecting us instantaneously to our Highest and Best Self.

Your Archetype

We will develop Archetype’s, an alter-ego exemplifying your feelings and dreams for each major life category. Then we will teach you how to use this symbol to instantaneously connect you, subliminally and consciously, to your Higher Self.


Prophetic sayings strike a chord deep within us, connecting us to a deeper meaning within ourselves. We will teach you to find just the right quote, the one that will resonate the chords in each of your major life categories. Then you will use these quotes, as if playing an instrument, elevating yourself to a higher frequency toward your dreams.


Few people realize the power of a visual symbol. We will use this power by design, fully commanding its purpose to accelerate our connection to our dreams. Once you have created your Archetype and Quotes, we will finalize our work by finding a visual photo or symbol that best represents your purpose in each of your major life categories.

3 Modules

Stage IV - Blast Off

Now we get to design our new guidance system and prepare ourselves for lift off. Understanding your current beliefs, values, and fears are critical in this process. More important though is setting new flight coordinates to your destination by refining and redirecting these beliefs and values to your greatest advantage.

7 Boosters

Stage V- The 5th Dimension - Breaking Orbit

Here is where we take Spirituality and by association our Awareness to unchartered territory, ever-expanding who we are to the farthest reaches of our universe. Imagine learning to see the Matrix, the interconnectedness of all things. To be able to feel and touch its vibrancy in the air around you. It’s a beautiful place.

6 Modules

My Life's Dream

This section will automatically populate as you complete Stages 1 through 5 of the Launch Systems program, above. You can utilize this section for additional edits if you have completed a program section and want to go back and make changes. You can also review your personalized My Life's Dream book as you are going through the various Stages of the program to check on your progress and get a glimpse of the development of your eventual life management system document.  When you finish all the Stages of the program you will be able to print your very own life management program titled My Life's Dream. It is appropriately named as it will contain your Master Purpose, Vision, and Legacy for your life. Additionally your Master Purpose and Vision will be outlined for the eight (8) key areas of your life: Spirituality, Love, Family, Health, Personal Development, Purpose/Career, Giving Back, and Rewards/Prizes. Last, a specific one year flight plan will be provided breaking down your life's dreams into manageable month-by-month sections. At the click of a button you will be able to print this PDF document to keep it close at hand as you blast off to a new life, your life.

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